Finesse Barrel

Our Finesse barrel provides all the aromatic elegance for long aging of great wines
PEFC Certification
Air dried up to 40 months
Extra Fine Grain < 1,5 mm
Stately forests of more than 200 years. Grown under the Haute Futaie technique Origin *: Allier, Tronçais, Nevers, Vosges, Center

ALLIER The soil is composed of thick, siliceous and not very fertile clay. The growth of the tree is very slow, which results in tall, straight logs when harvested. The grain is fine, compact and slightly porous with a sweet tannin extraction and pleasant aromas. The extremely vertical growth of the trunks and the regularity and fineness of their grain make Allier barrels highly valued in the market.

TRONÇAIS It is the most renowned forest in the Department of Allier, with a surface of 10,600 hectares. It has a finer grain, which makes it suitable for long-aging wines.

NEVERS The oak from Nevers, in the center of France, is usually medium grain compared to the one from Allier, but its quality is undeniable. The result is a greater tannin extraction than in very fine-grain wood. It generally requires a longer aging period to integrate completely with the wine.

VOSGES This department is found near the border with Germany, on the northeast, where the climate is colder and the development of the tree is slower. It traditionally has a fine grain.