Quercus Sessilis
A true collection piece.
The perfect harmony between wood and the best long-aging wines.
PEFC Certification
Open air drying up to 36 months
Extra Fine Grain < 1,5 mm
Origin: Fontainebleau Forest, France
Our FONTAINEBLEAU barrel is created solely by the hands of our best cooper under the strictest selection and inspection of each stave.

Slow and controlled integration thanks to the best oxygen exchange rate we can find, allowing an increased polymerization of the tannins over time.

We find an increase of aromatic compounds in the wood, which are enhanced by over 48 months of drying, such as vanillin, lactones, furfural and eugenol. This delivers a much more aromatic wood that is low in tannins.

Excellent aromatic richness, color stability and a soft texture of tannins in the mouth.

Selection of wood from one of the most renowned forests in France, the rare and famous Fontainebleau forest in the Île de France region. The unique characteristics of this region and the particularity of the terroir allow us to obtain a highly aromatic complexity. This forest received the “Forêt d’Exception” title from the ONF.