Toast: LT/MT/MT+/HT

A greater proportion of certain phenolic compounds that contribute to a greater feeling of structure in red wines, as well as a greater ability to maintain and set the color over time. The time and temperatures designed for this line provide a greater availability of the wood’s polysaccharides, which are transferred to the wine. This results in a greater sensation of volume in the mouth.

Toast: LT/MT/MT+

Having prolonged toasts that range from 3 to 6 hours, the gradual and balanced contribution of phenolic compounds and aromas to the wine allows us to recommend this line for prolonged aging times. The concentrated flavors, lengthy finish on the palate and aromatic impact represent an iconic attributes for this toasting line.


Toast: LT/MT/MT+/HT


This barrel owes its unique character to an ancestral French toasting process called Chauffe à Coeur, “toasting to the heart”. We dampen the rose with purified hot water, heating it in a steam chamber to open the pores and finally applying a careful refined toast. Our water-steam process facilitates bending and eliminates any remaining resin residue. It contributes complexity, softness of tannins, permanence of the fruit and sweet notes.