Always focused on understanding what the industry is looking for, innovating in products and being pioneers in trends, the Research + Development Department at TN Coopers works in close collaboration with our team of enologists, advisors, universities and its own clients in order to reach the highest standard of excellence for our products.

Over the years, our team has made great alliances, managing to set up trials, experiments and research studies that have led us to the development of new products and the fulfilment of the highest quality standards.

Throughout the history of TN Coopers, we have worked on:
  • Vinotec (former Excell), only routine analysis
  • Study on the chemical and sensory influence of oak wood species for the aging of Chilean red wines: U. de Chile
  • Volatile compounds in Quercus Humboldtii (Colombian oak) and in the wines aged with them, with regards to traditional oak wood used in cooperage: U. de Talca / J. Bouchon
  • Study on the evolution and effect of barrel renovators: U. de Chile / VSP
  • Commercial enological tannins: characterization and their relative impact on the phenolic and sensory composition of Carmenere wine during bottle aging: U. de Chile
  • Development of alternative products to oak barrels in the aging of fine wines using native Chilean wood: U. de Chile / Miguel Torres
  • Collaborative projects: Padovan Spa Vittorio Veneto / Ecotecnce: Study and effect of new phenolic extraction technologies on alternative products.
  • Comparison of the effect of different convection roasting times and flows on the physical, chemical and sensory characteristics of French Oak staves. U. de Chile.
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