Available in various formats according to use, time and expected results.
For short- and medium-term results.


Particles smaller than 2 mm, without an infusion bag. Generally used in the vinification stage and added directly during milling. In some cases, it is also used prior to bottling, in which the high contact surface contributes to a fast delivery of its compounds to the wine.


Particles between 2-8 mm, without an infusion bag. The compound delivery speed is more gradual. It is also added in the first vinification stage or to add a final quick touch to the wine before it is bottled.


Pieces with a size of approximately 15 mm. They can be used in any stage of the vinification, but they are usually applied in an intermediate phase, when there is more time for the gradual delivery of their compounds, which allows regulating their use. A food grade infusion mesh bag with hooks is used for easy tying and fastening inside the tank.


Its composition is a mixture of 60% MT++ toasted oak and 40% non-toasted – a unique recipe. The chosen format (powder, rice or chip) will depend on the expected result. *Not available in acacia, cherry or lenga.