This line includes toasts that are specially formulated to achieve distinctive sensory and taste attributes.
Thanks to the exclusive software that controls the convection toasting, considering thermodynamic principles with variables of time, temperature, humidity and controlled air flow, the R+D area at TN Coopers enabled the development of a new line of products, opening up a world of aromas and
Available in: Powder, rice, chips, viniblocks, barrel inserts and staves.



It achieves freshness at its fullest. It delivers wines in which the fresh fruit is enhanced on the nose and length, structure and finish is improved on the palate, without contributing toasted notes. It improves the structure and mouthfeel and enhances the freshness.



Very well-balanced aromas and flavors, this toast is characterized for delivering an intense and fast contribution of sweet, coconut and vanilla aromas while respecting the fruit. It adds fullness to the wines with the perception of sweetness on the palate.Ideal for short aging periods that require the enhancement of attributes.



An explosion of aromas, intense in every way - aromatically, we get a high delivery of chocolate, coconut, coffee and spices. It is an explosion of aromas very well-balanced with the fruit delivered by the wine. On the palate, it contributes intense toasted, coffee and smoked flavors, which generate a complex and intense result when blended with the fruit of the wine. It contributes a good tannic structure and a very long finish.



Intensity of aromas as well as flavors -without a doubt, it is one of the most intense toasts, both in terms of aromas and flavors. The aroma is complex and highly powerful, as it has a high expression of vanilla, chocolate and toast, which blend with the wine’s fruit. On the palate, it also shows many layers of flavors marked by toasted notes and black coffee. Its texture is soft and tasty, providing smooth flavors. This wood is a very good contribution to enhance an intense wine.



When we bring our nose to the glass, the first thing this toast offers us is a sweet sensation that blends vanilla and caramel notes with the wine’s fruit. On the palate, the sensation is once again sweet. Then it is followed by the oak’s contributions to the wine, improving the structure and tannins of the wine without showing a toasted character.



Convection LT
The acacia in this toast delivers the profile that respects the wine’s fruit the most, with slight notes of vanilla and coconut, and subtle hints of toasted wood. On the palate, it is the sweetest profile, with a low toasted and smoked character that preserves the fruit, giving the wine fullness and length with a medium-low tannin contribution.

Long Convection LT
This toast has a very good contribution of pastry notes marked by vanilla with touches of coconut and spices, which delivers a wine with a fresh and sweet nose. On the palate, we perceive toasted and smoked notes, yet only slightly, and the fruit is the predominant descriptor. The acacia in this toast provides width and sweetness to the wine, improves the structure and contributes medium-high tannins.

Special Toast Sweet Plus
Our Special Toast enhances the aromas and flavors of the acacia, making them stand out from the fruit. On the nose, coconut, chocolate and toasted aromas contribute to complexity. On the palate, it is the acacia toast with the greatest contribution to structure and finish, making the wine fuller and longer, with pleasant toasted and smoked notes.


Convection LT
Cherry wood is highly aromatic, and this toast highlights its characteristics, emphasizing the fruit, especially the cherry, and contributing with subtle notes of toasted coconut and coffee. It is interesting on the palate, as the wine gains width and weight, which enhances its tannic structure as well as the fruit, also providing a slight toasted and smoked contribution.

Long Convection LT
The long convection toast gives the wine greater aromatic complexity, highlighting the wood’s own notes, as well as mocha, vanilla and chocolate. On the palate, it is the toast that provides the best structure, filling the center of the mouth and contributing tannic complexity. It is a very tasty wood.

Special Toast Sweet Plus
This toast gives cherry wood a highly aromatic and flavorful richness. On the nose, it is noted for having lots of sweet red fruit, pastry notes, touches of dark chocolate and smoked notes. On the palate, it is one of the toasts that contributes the most length and fullness to the wine, with a softer tannic sensation compared to other cherry profiles.


Convection LT
Lenga is native to Patagonia and has particular characteristics. Unlike the rest of the wood species, especially oaks, it has a subtle aromatic contribution with a low tannin load. In this toast, it appears as a type of wood that is very gentle with the wines and preserves the variety’s characteristics. In terms of aromas, we can find only two compounds of oak, namely vanillin and eugenol. On the nose, this toast enhances the fruit, and on the palate, it is soft and elegant, giving the wine length.

Long Convection LT
The Long Convection toast provides us with a greater aromatic richness characterized by chocolate and toasted notes and touches of vanilla. On the palate, it adds soft tannins and more intense flavors of black fruit, with added complexity from slight toasted notes. It improves the length, structure and finish of the wine.