Lenga from Patagonia

Immersed in the Terra Australis, we come across Patagonia, known for the majesty of its great geographic contrasts and its incomparable natural environments.
This is where lenga is born, a representative species of the Andean Patagonian forest.
Lenga wood is obtained through the sustainable exploitation of Patagonian forests in Chile, with the FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) certification.
Its use in wine and alcohol aging lends unique characteristics, resulting in an aromatic profile that enhances red fruit, sweet notes, touches of cedar and slight toasted notes. On the palate, it improves the center of the mouth, delivers volume, and fruity and floral notes reappear. Its low contribution of astringency and very soft and delicate tannins are noteworthy. In alcohols, it provides a very delicate pale pink color and highlights smoked and honey flavors.

FSC certification
Mature forests over 120 years old.